Part I: Unearthed

An uncanny journey of survival and adventure, an obscure world molded by a global quake from long ago, this is a story of the inhabitants of a broken world. This is a tale which captures the complexity of human nature, one that grasps at a fleeting hope, and clings to life when all seems lost.

Join Blague in his quest to break the chains of exile that confine him. Follow the Sins in their fight to transform their brand from a symbol of despair into an icon of justice. Travel through an earth where its stones have been turned, and what lies beneath are unworldly anomalies not yet fully understood.

“I’ve been exposed to the horrors of this world. That’s the cause of my discoloration. Pay it no mind.”

 “The Hiezers are not black and white tyrants, and we aren’t black and white heroes.”

“Child. You will never be the same. Go to Cherris to soothe the pain, but come to me when you’re ready to avenge it.”

“There are always ways up. You’re just not trying hard enough.”

Fan Praise:

“An artfully woven novel, blurring the lines of what could be in a world flipped upside down.”

Unearthed – First Installment.