Part II: Allegory of Pain

The war is no longer tucked underground, no longer away from the public eye. The uprisings are now evident and palpable. The Sins press on their fight to gain ground, while the Hiezers battle to keep it. The time has come when all of those in between must contemplate what it means to do nothing amidst unrest.

A harsh realization rips the blinders from their eyes; the world is not what it seems. But that’s not all. Other factors play a part: hidden, elusive, and ever-present. Take the dive, experience the unveiling of what lies beneath.

 “This is a nightmare that I can’t wake from.”

“I won’t lie to you, Blague, it will take a great deal of resilience to undo all that you believe.”

“Slaughtering and burning them to hell. Your idea of justice is what makes you, you, I suppose.”

Fan Praise:

“The first book laid the foundation, and what a great job it did. But it’s the second one that breaks its own ground.”