Prequel: The Forsaken Bond

My Uncle taught me everything I know. How to fight… how to live… to harness the ways of the Neraphis Society for the day they may call. He didn’t prepare me for his death, though.

My name is Elinor Elsan, and I proclaim that weeping in a corner in the wake of the Global Quake is not the way. To accept death before it’s time is for the cowardly and weak. I, for one, choose life, adventure… like Uncle sought.

So that’s it then. I’m done sulking – I’m packing my shit and hightailing to Old Iceland, where I belong. He left me the resources needed to find them. I’ve earned my key. And I’m not wasting another minute in this chemistry lab when I know I’m only working with limited elements. Basic chemicals and broken people… pfft. I deserve more.

It’s time to chase immortality like the rest of the crazies – no matter the price.


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