The Darkest Dawn

#1 Best seller in multiple amazon categories

Shunned by his people, called a freak by his peers, an outcast boy will become the land’s greatest legend.

Tucked away deep in the forest, Eres is hidden not only due to his condition, but also because he is the forbidden heir to a magical ring… a ring that if fallen into the wrong hands, will end an era of peace sought for centuries. He cannot be discovered by any means, lest the infamous assassin, Seren Night, be one step closer to completing his collection and plunging the world into chaos.

Knowing he can’t hide forever, Eres disguises himself so he can attend the local academy, Kor Vinsánce, where he will learn to become a Skrol. Proctors will teach him about the magic of Reach, how to duel, and will equip him with the essentials to one day fill the shoes of his legendary father.

Will he leave school a savior for his merit or a criminal for his defiance? Will Eres emerge from his mask before everything he’s grown to love is lost?