The Darkest Dawn

Eres is a Dawn. A sexless barren. A freak. And because of it, he’s spent most of his short life stuck in a shack in the middle of nowhere, hiding amidst the forest for no one to find. Society would strike him from existence if they could, and it’s for this reason that they can never know.

Now, all there is to do is to wait, to dream that one day maybe he could become a powerful Skrol like his father before him. He wants nothing more than to wield an esper – a crafted ring that possesses an eye into another world – and fight against the infamous assassin, Seren Night, who seeks to reveal the secret that the Skrols have been tasked to protect for thousands of years.

But as time drifts by, all of these dreams slowly fade away with it.

Until one day, his father finally returns from his endless travels bearing the greatest gift of all: to disguise Eres’ true identity so he can attend the local academy, Kor Vinsánce, and find his purpose in all of this. 

It’s here, within the overcast shadow of his legendary father, where his journey begins.