The World

This world used to be more… vanilla.

The Exiled Continents –

The powers that be sought to use remnants of the Global Quake as a means of detainment. Land masses that cracked off from greater bodies of earth now serve to restrict the branded exile. Considered the least desirable real estate, the Exiled Continents house the discarded, lowest class of the new world. Islands surrounded by water and within close distance to mainland makes it easy for the authorities to monitor, yet easy for them to abandon if the next disaster were to strike.

The Centric Crater –

The greatest sinkhole the planet has ever experienced. During the quake, the plummeting ground clung to its surface as if it were being dragged beneath by quicksand, creating a layer of ringed flatland before descending down each of its seven tiers. This inverted mountain is a marvel of the world, the sight of which has caused survivors to relive the fear of those days, long ago. The canyon was roped off for decades following the Global Quake, though a rumor has spread among the knowing: perhaps the Centric Crater is not as desolate as it seems.

The Island of Vicissitude (Auront) –

A hidden anomaly known by few. Explorers of the new world tend to take note of the block of land unaffected by the freezing temperatures surrounding it. Plagued with a nefarious red smoke that induces unnatural effects onto its victims, the island tests each trespasser that dares to experience its crimson smolder. An isle of concrete ground and a defiantly warm atmosphere makes this mysterious enigma a territory not meant for the feeble.